czwartek, 02 marca 2006

-It is beginning of the obsession – my future wife told me today.

I narrated her my dream I have remembered first time since long period.

The dream was interesting and frankly speaking I have no idea where it came from.

I dreamed I fought on the public on the mat with my work colleague – Madzia. It is the first problem – why exactly with her. I don’t like her (even as a woman), I don’t think about her, even she is not in physical circumstances to beat me. She is very small (max. 1,5m) and thin (max.45kg). That’s the second problem: the fight was very difficult. Of course I don’t remember the details, but I remember that it was hard to pin her and hold her in it till 10, what I counted myself. It’s second strange thing – because the referee should be here. Alhought I was on top the most of time, (I’m heavier 20 kg), it was hard to put her on her back, then turn and finally – pin. Even when I was on her I needed to begin count 4 times.


Once upon a time I fought Dominika – a girl who was smaller than me about 10 cm and lighter 15 kg. I remember she had very strong thighs – she has been professional dancer. She has never trained any martial arts. She was very agile and (once again with no details) she won 6:4. I can say (I do not want to do it) it happen maybe by fact her facesitting pin was counted for 2 points – but she needed to hold me till 10, instead of pin – till 5. Maybe she gained points once, maybe twice during the fight. For sure – once she caught my head in scissors – that’s why I remember her mighty thighs. We agreed to fight until 10, but we broke it because her skin reacted for touch with bruises.


Then I have dreamed about various things, but I rememberred I have been trying to propose fight to my ex (Iza) and cousin (Kasia). They both agreed and they will have notices here, like Ania1, who I was smoking a moment ago...

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wtorek, 28 lutego 2006
Carton wrestling

Going for my smoking break I observed how easily opportunity is coming to mine. It is terrible pity it is not taken.

What’s the point – I found new idea with my colleague I used to go for the break. It is new sport discipline: wrestling in the carton (instead of mud wrestling, it should be called: carton wrestling). It came from that in one of our elevators offce move is going on and inner space is full filled with cartons to avoid furniture’s harms. From her voice tone I inferred that she would like to do it and I was ensured her some of her previous behaviors.

This is the problem.. Although everyday I user to be major man, working in a suit, and my colleague is with me in work relation „teacher-student”... IT IS NOT ALLOWED to propose her a fight.

Maybe someday… by an occasion...

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poniedziałek, 20 lutego 2006
Ania weekend

During last weekend I met Ania. In fact – she came to be on her classes and she stayed at my flat to avoid going back two times for 100 kilometres. At my flat, because her sister and my future wife has gone out to work for a weekend.

Chance comes itself, but not. Ania did not pin me, and even we did not fight. It is not correct at all.
We fought in armwrestling – I won both.
I’m not satisfied by two reasons: because it was armwrestling and because we began not from the same position.
Armwrestling is fine, but I don’t like it with a girl. I do not, because it is just using of simple, brutal strenght, so normally it ends with men’s win. The second reason I did not like this one was, that I was lying on my stomach and Ania was sitting on her heels and based her hand on the floor. I don’t know which of the positions is more comfortable and gives any advantages, but anyway – the challenge was unequal.

There’s third reason, if I analyse it now. I don’t want to armwrestle Ania. I like thinking of her as my wrestling opponent, of wrestle with her, when the main advantage is cleverness and agility. This is probably the first and most important reason.

Well – I will wait. Next visit will be in a month…

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wtorek, 14 lutego 2006
Zapaseek mode

Sometimes I become to be in a state I called in a joke to myself "zapaseek mode". It becomes usually when I had drunk beer or two and become to be smiley. I can dream in my head: it would be super to fight her, but I cannot propose it because... that’s the point. The problem is (in a part off course) that I’m afraid to propose wrestling because... what will she think about me? When I drink and become canned it does not matter for me and – if it will not be very embarassed (i.e. miss was more drunk than me) – I can reach something.

And so – complaying the stop in the bussiness – after weenend i have three opponents in near future.

she is 20 years old blond girl – 171 cm and ok 72 kg.
We have fought a lot of times and she is the one who made my wrestling skills development. Then some months has passed, we have not been able to meet, then we fought once... and that’s all.
Now I thought to send her SMS, how’s doing, and normally I call her Wrestlette in SMS.
She answered, proposed meeting, suggested wrestling. So, I will meet her soon. Karolina will be described in the separate note, so shortly: I appreciate her persistence, obstinacy and fact she does not submit easy. She fight till the end, because she hates loosing.

she is tall (180 cm)
, long-haired blonde, her weight is about 75-80 kg. I’d always wanted to fight her, but – by some reason – it would be not grateful to propose it. At lease we were on a party with a lot of alcohol included and my breaks has disappeared. Of course, I agreed this with my wife first;) But our conversation with Ania was short:

-Ania, are you able to beat me in armwrestling?
-Sure, let’s try.
-And wrestling?
-Come on.
-So... maybe in Cracow?
And so – the girl I have desired to wrestle for half of hour – agreed it easily. I knew that however. I just was ashamed to ask

(for a difference) jest nieco niższa niż ja - jakoś 167 cm. Jest też nieco lżejsza (pewnie coś koło 65 kg). Sytuacja z nią jest nieco bardziej skomplikowana. Chciałem się z nią pomocować już jakiś czas, ale wiedząc, że ma problemy z kolanem - nie proponowałem. Moje zapasy zwykle toczą się w parterze - nie mam miejsca na stójkę, więc jej kolano musiałoby być zgięte nieco bardziej.
Wczoraj znów byłem w humorku, wobec czego zaczepiłem ją SMSem. Jako że się wykłócamy po przyjacielsku, napisałem że sprawę trzeba wreszcie rozwiązać i rzuciłem jej wyzwanie. Przyjęła je a potem umówiliśmy się na walkę na pięć położeń na łopatki za dwa tygodnie mniej więcej. Moja przyszła żona będzie sędziować.

Tak więc przeciwniczki się narobiły. Teraz czekam jak będzie dalej i oczywiście nie omieszkam poinformować o wynikach.

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A little more about...

I thought may be it is needed to write WHAT do I understand as mixed wrestling. Generally it is physical competition between people of two sexes with rules similar to grappling/wrestling.

Similar, so it is about making love – some females here can say. It is not. Grappling (as sport) has its own rules, very complicated and only people who are well trained can do it. They need to know a lot of holds, rules and similar things. In my wrestling with women there is wide arbitrance. A fight only for one pin is very short, so I used to make deal to fight for points i.e. given for pin. The rest of rules depends on my opponent skills – the more we fight the better she become to be. Then it comes with possibility of more holds for points. What kind of holds? The simplest one are scissors. It is applied in following way: you need to catch opponent between your legs and squeeze. Scissors are applied to neck and body – the point is to squeeze as hard to you’re your opponent submitted (sometimes it hurts…). Soft version is to catch opponent in scissors and count them to 10. I will leave out all technical aspects.

Ladies once again wil tell me: it has a lot of with sex. Finally – the head between woman’s thighs... Yes, but my opponents are not weared like you will see on webpages: in very short dresses, bikinis or strings. Normally they are in shorts, t-shirts or tracksuits – normal sportive wearing. I leave it on her behalf – I do not want to masturbate during the fight. To have orgasm you have sex haven’t you?

How does it looks like? I meet my volunteer – mostly in the pub and I explain what is it. Of course sometimes it happens that during drinking a beer I meet my occasion. The meeting is not only verification of me – I verify woman I would like to fight too. Strange? No, watching on possibility of looking for adventure, lover or just wanting to talk to someone and I – inviting her to wrestle – am just someone interesting for her. I’m not concerned ONLY on wrestling. The more: I suppose I have wide knowledge from various areas and can talk to anyone. Going back – then we meet in my/her flat. Usually we talk a while, set up the rules or some and... we fight. As long as we would like to, or until we receive number of points stated before.

 That is all story. If you have additional questions/queries/doubts… you are invited. Here or on my email:

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The beginning

I have been thinking a lot of time how to begin writing the blog. I have would to realise such idea but I have had no time or something was wrong. It was clear: I’m a mixed wrestling fan, I like it, I look for it and it is fine. I’m facesitting fan too – for those who likes, but it is not related to wrestling necessary.

First idea was a website. I had not enough materials – it looks like but is not as simple to find a female opponent for a fight. The problem is to make her understand “fight”, not sex invitation. They understand it in their way and my explanation it is for fun, I have wife etc are for nothing.

Then I thought about blog and so – I’m writing first note on it, but problem still exists. From what should I start? I do not want to describe here my fights and fantasies only. The more interesting is I would like to explain, show the truth. Here some people think about mixed wrestling: it’s a kinky behaviour. On the west it is an industry and females who earn on wrestling with men are not identified with whores. Even more – they are clear: no nudity.

I could try historical order. I could, but I do not remember well my first fights. I was a boy about few years old, now I’m thirty about. A lot of changed: in example ones of my first fights were with my cousin Agnes. She was older than me, indeed: weigher and taller, so I reminescence it very pleasantly. Maybe some day I will tell the story if I will be able to remind myself all details. Today Agnes is an alcoholic, with esperal. It does not mean that I would like to fight her anytime, but she needs to be back herself – strong and sportive. There is no fun in pinning human wreck…

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